Irritable Bowel, Bacteria and Food Intolerance

IBS Relief: The Roles of Bacteria & Food Intolerance

IBS is bloating, pain, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux and frustration. Unrelenting frustration. This is the face of irritable bowel syndrome, a condition that is too often thought to have no answer or solution. Fortunately, we now have more answers and solutions to IBS than used to. Unfortunately, these answers and solutions are being underutilized. Irritable […]

Hold the Salt

How Much Salt Does it Have? Read the Label!

How much salt do Americans consume per day?  An average of 3,400 mg (1 tsp = 2,325 mg). 1,500 mg should be the sodium limit according to the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, especially for people who are 51 or older, and people of any age who are African Americans, or who have diabetes, high […]

Addictive Food & Food Confusion

There is too much confusion about food. People have an amazing amount of frustration about what to eat or not eat. It is no wonder. On any given day in this age of information overload, you can find advice to reduce calories, eat lots of greens, eat raw, eat paleo, eat lots of grains, eat […]

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