Integrative Medicine & Wiser Wellness

Dr Ann Haiden

Dr Ann Haiden, DO is a proponent of addressing the underlying problems in chronic illness and optimizing life style changes to achieve wellness and life success.   She is an internal medicine physician who practices much of the philosophy of Functional Medicine, a holistic integrative system approach to medicine.

There is a crisis of chronic disease.  We are struggling with overweight, obesity, heart disease and high cholesterol, but also thyroid disease, irritable bowel syndrome and digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, stress and psychological issues.

The earlier we can address problems the better.  Because preventing the onset of illness is the most effective medicine there is.

Obesity and diabetes are particularly worrisome because they lead to shorter and sicker lives, heart disease, circulatory problems, infections, loss of eyesight, kidney failure and even loss of limbs.

In her practice and educational efforts, Dr Haiden empowers people to improve their health and their lives by identifying and addressing the underlying problems and by adopting healthy habits and success building lifestyles. She takes into consideration how a body works within its genetic predispositions and how it interacts with food, stress and even environmental toxins.

Though there is an extremely vital place for disease management in health care, Dr Haiden’s special interest and focus is on restoring and promoting wellness through a preventive and holistic approach.